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    We help and inspire people to mobility
    in business

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    We deliver instant mobile business apps

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    We unite mobile technology with people, thing and places

Mobile business apps with contextual awareness


Better documentation for mission critical equipment

"Being a global vendor of patient lifts to hospitals and healthcare institutions, Ergolet are faced with a costly and time consuming task of informing, maintaining and updating technical guides and user manuals for different products. We have adopted workflow-to-go® for our new products. This has enabled us to reach Operational Excellence, greatly reducing our expenses in producing and maintaining written documentation. This secures us a world-class performance. Also it helps our customers use our products optimally”

Peter Harwith Nielsen, CEO, Ergolet


Excellent equipment operations

"Maaltidet is a lunch delivery service for businesses. We deliver 5000 high-quality lunches every day. With workflow-to-go®, Maaltidet have secured quality and stability in our workflows. workflow-to-go helps us safeguard systematic execution, knowledge sharing and data collection to avoid micro stops due to failing equipment, lack of knowledge with new staff members or imprecise guidance on how to do the job at hand"

Jesper Krogsgård, Process and Facility Manager, Maaltidet

Hospital lillebælt vejle

World-class surgical processes

"At the Orthopedic Surgery Department at Lillebælt Vejle it is essential to know how to operate the medical devices. Before the implementation of workflow-to-go®, the staff at the hospital experienced difficulties when handling various hospital appliances and only 23 % responded that they knew how to operate the autoclave. Rolling out workflow-to-go® into the daily processes has lead to world class surgical processes among the staff at Hospital Lillebælt Vejle. The staff is now able to Identify and mitigate process safety risks, and 100% of the staff had excels in operating the autoclave"

Erna Kristine Bjerggaard, Head nurse

Fredericia kommune

Efficiency gains in service delivery

"The Municipality of Fredericia currently has a large inflow of citizens with a great need for home care, but we lack resources to support them. Now, with workflow-to-go® these citizens can use an app and a QR-tag on the wall to scan the tags for step-by-step instructions to for instance prepare lunch. It’s a big help for everybody, and for the municipality of Fredericia it has resulted in an efficiency gain of 75% per citizen”

Christiane Lehrmann Pape, Head of Department, Fredericia Municipality

Odense Universitetshospital

Safety in patient care

“Implementing Operational Excellence in Diabetic Care processes has helped us mitigate significant workplace errors and promoted a competent workforce. Patients diagnosed with lung diseases require the help of a respirator to breathe. Operating errors can have fatal consequences. As part of the The Danish Quality Model (DDKM) standards, all the respirators has been equipped with QR-tags, and employees provided with IPads, so the the employees can scan the codes and go directly to the instructions, where they through pictures and scripts can see how the respirator is operated correctly. We are always trying to reach the highest operating level by conducting work safely and consistently. workflow-to-go® provides us with a framework where operational excellence is always in mind. Standards and video sequences are also included in the training of new employees, and it has been proven that the visual presentations are highly effective”

Anette Agerholm, Head nurse

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