Configure and manage workflows to launch when within reach of iBeacons

Beacons/iBeacons is the innovative approach to implementing location-based information and services to mobile users. workflow-to-go® utilizes this innovative technology to provide context and location specific workflows to profesionals.

Imagine being presented with relevant and specific workflows to execute when entering a room or a facility - and add to that the discernment capabilities of what is relevant for your profession, skill set or task at hand.

The beacons (small Bluetooth-transmitters) can be placed on e.g. critical equipment or in rooms with multiple functions and equipment. With workflow-to-go® installed on your iOS or Android devices, which can listen to signals transmitted by these beacons in the physical world and respond accordingly when the device comes into range.

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The beacon technology makes it easy for users to gain access to hyper-contextual content based on location. Thus, user manuals, guidance and service, become easy accessible enabling users to conduct relevant tasks without any disruption to their workflows.

Once in the proximity of iBeacons relevant and role-dependent workflows can be executed by employees:

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workflow-to-go®´s unique location and context aware technology makes it highly effective and safe for employees to excel everyday processes and workflows with quality and precision.